Are You Curious What Your Full Potential May Be?

You’ve come to the right place. Life’s a journey. Sometimes exciting, sometimes thrilling and sometimes downright bumpy. We’ve all had rough patches—both physical and emotional. We’ve had times that we’re trying so hard, but feel like we’re running into a wall.

I’m glad you’ve landed here because my work is to help you shift from feeling frustrated to feeling vibrant. To help you uncover what has been inside you all along—the ability to heal yourself. Together we’ll go on a journey on which you will discover techniques for healing your emotional and physical challenges.

My wish for you is to achieve your full potential, attain superb health and deeply love your life. My unique style of counselling and hypnotherapy will make this a comfortable, satisfying path for you.

Susan Noppe
Registered Professional Counsellor
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Susan Noppe Counselling And Hypnotherapy

Working Together

I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with an emotional or physical challenge.

I am Susan Noppe, Registered Professional Counsellor and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am a life long learner and what life has taught me the most is that the answers to our own health challenges lie within us.

Along with my Applied Psychology, Counselling and Hypnotherapy accreditations, I have a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Positive Psychology Specialization and certificates in Medical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Life Coaching.

I am fascinated with how the human brain and mind work and the great potential that lies within. Using the power of our own minds, we can improve our physical and emotional health far more than any external therapy.

I trained as a counsellor and hypnotherapist and started counselling in Nelson, BC because I want to help others to achieve their highest potential.

I believe strongly in the current scientific research that is proving beyond doubt that by using our own minds we can heal ourselves and change our limiting beliefs.

Our Journey Together


As a counsellor, I work as your guide. During your first session, we get together to discuss what is currently challenging you. I’ll admit, I’ll ask a lot of questions. But together, we’ll find the root of your situation. I’ll then explain to you how my style of counselling and/or hypnotherapy works and how we will achieve your goals.


Counselling and hypnotherapy are safe, effective and long lasting. In six to eight sessions, you can be on a much healthier path with most issues. Some challenges can even see significant improvement in two to three sessions.


Consultations and sessions take place at my office in downtown Nelson, or online by request. All information you share with me is held in complete privacy.

Session Fees

One hour therapy session: $120.00 (plus 5% GST).

In our initial session we will gather details about your challenges and goals and discuss the possible approaches that we can take for you to achieve those goals.

Extended Health Insurance

Depending on your insurance plan, my counselling services may be completely or partially covered. Check if your extended health insurance includes “counselling” or  “clinical counselling”.  Clients pay me directly and are then reimbursed by their insurance.

Clients have had my services covered by the following companies:

  • Pacific Blue Cross

  • SunLife

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Other insurers may cover for my services as well. Contact your insurer and ask if they cover counselling by counsellors registered as a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

Book an Appointment

If you have questions before booking your appointment online, contact me by phone or with the contact form below.


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