Stop Smoking or Vaping with Hypnotherapy

Are you wondering if you can successfully quit smoking or vaping? Have you tried before, perhaps even been successful and then started again?

Tried the patch? Tried gums? Medication? Cold turkey?

Do some of the following statements sound true?

  • I don’t know who I would be if I wasn’t a smoker.
  • Cigarettes are like a friend to me.
  • Smoking calms me down.
  • It is so addictive, I don’t know if I could ever quit.

Well the truth is, you can.

In fact, you probably know others who have successfully stopped smoking.

A University of Washington School of Medicine study reported a 90.7% success rate of smoking cessation for study participants who received hypnotherapy treatment. 39 of the 43 study participants were still smoke free at follow up interviews between 6 months and 3 years after their hypnosis sessions.

Can’t I just quit smoking with an hypnosis audio download?

The main difference between doing hypnotherapy for smoking or vaping and listening to an hypnosis for smoking recording is that my hypnotherapy sessions are custom designed just for you.

Can the generic audio recording know that you can’t imagine driving your vehicle without smoking, or going for a beer or coffee with certain friends? Can it know that every morning you start your day with a smoke on your deck?

Can the hypnosis recording know what the main reasons are that you smoke or vape? People’s reasons for smoking are as unique as the individuals themselves. I have had clients who are struggling with quitting because it was the deep tie that they felt with their father, who is no longer alive, clients who still subconsciously see it as their rebel side, clients who feel like they would be losing their identity if they stopped. We are all unique in our reasons for our actions. A generic recording does not get that.

I offer a customized stop smoking/vaping package. We meet a total of four times. Together we work through all the layers, deconstruct all the meanings that smoking holds for you and meet them one by one.

Yes, it is more expensive than some of the audio downloads but your chances of success are significantly better. I won’t discourage you from downloading an hypnosis audio. They can cost anywhere from tens of dollars to a couple hundred. It may work. But working one on one with a certified hypnotherapist will always be far more effective.

In your hypnotherapy sessions with me, you will learn to be a non-smoker and leave all past associations with smoking or vaping behind. If you want to make a change now, you can be successful.

I have helped many individuals stop smoking for good.

During your initial one hour session, I take detailed information about your past history with smoking or vaping, all the associations it holds for you, how you have tried to quit in the past, and any worries or concerns you have about stopping smoking.

Because the hypnotherapy sessions are custom made for you, they are highly effective.

The wonderful thing with hypnotherapy is that if some time down the road you ever have concerns about starting again, you simply book a reinforcing session with me.

Four Session Quit Smoking or Quit Vaping Hypnosis Package

I offer an initial intake session plus three hypnotherapy sessions with my quit smoking program—four appointments altogether—for $504 ($120 plus 5% GST paid at each of four sessions).